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HellBornMC New take on HCF with guns

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created 03/20/2019 7:41 am by AntrixNetwork
May only the best survive!

Hello and Welcome!
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ethan, better known on here as Gosintary_.
I've recently begun working on a new take on factions. I've
always been fascinated with the thought of creating and running
a Minecraft server. I've been working for weeks on simply the ideas behind
this server, with the hopes of the final product being something
players will enjoy for years to come!

I present to you: HellBornMc, a unique,
DayZ Themed, Gun Faction Server!Imagine your traditional factions server. You got your basic survival​to worry about like mobs, players, food, falling in random massive caves and living with halfa heart, etc. You also have your bases, your raiding with TNT cannons, your epicclan fights while raiding, ya know all the basics for a faction server. Now, imagine all of that, but now you also have to worry about your thirst, how much sleep your getting, getting nasty infections when a zombie bites you, different types of zombies such as speedy ones, ones that are invisible all the way up until they're in your face, exploding zombies, (ya know fun stuff). Image abandoned rundown towns, villages, and even cities with chests full of loot, that reset every hour. Imagine having guns that you can craft or loot to help you fend off against other players and mobs, and to help you hunt for food. Imagine whole new rarely discovered pvp style only heard of by the OG GTAMC community. HellBornMc makes everything I just had you imagine a reality. A whole new PVP playstyle, new raiding methods, new base building strategies, custom zombies, custom guns, a bigger challenge for survival, a new looting aspect, frequent events from PVP competitions, to build challenges, to straight-up, names-out-of-a-hat giveaways, frequent updates, and a new season every three months bringing a reset, fresh new map, big updates, and changes to the map, arenas, and all new easter eggs adding lore to the server as a nice touch for those who enjoy it! TLDR? READ IT!Not a huge fan of the more difficult survival?Shortly after HellBornHCF is released, I will be working on a modifiedversion of the game mode, known as HellBornLite. This modification of theoriginal game mode is designed for more laid back casual players. It will lack the extrasurvival aspects, feature fewer custom zombies (This server will not have the crazy op ones)and make gathering resources easier. This version will still get the same updates(for the most part), be on the same season, and feature the same events, and lore.**Notice: The lore is optional for both servers, but will require some extratasks such as looting, mining, crafting or exploring.I want in, let me in, LET ME IN NOW!Okay okay okay, calm down. Heres a discord invite.All information regarding staff, builder, and developer applications is located there,as well as frequent development updates and soon an official release date for the beta!
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