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Help with thinking up names for PEX Server

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created 01/16/2019 8:24 am by Not_The_Owner

Hello everyone, this is the tenth server but never really have i given actual thought to giving stuff to donators because i've never actually had any, this time i hope to make that change with extra plugins especially for them.

Currently listed under the following spoiler is my list of plugins that i use [ it's alot ] I also must say the server is not up seing as i first need to wait for my next paycheck.

I'll mark the plugins for Donators with a *

Spoiler - click to reveal
Aliaser, AntiBot,ArmoredElytra*, Autobroadcast, bStats, BuyCraftX, Citizens, Clearlag, CombatLog, CompactNoCheatPlus, Dynmap, Essentials, ESStaffChat, Factions Top, Factions, FakeJoinLeaave, Fastleafdecay, FrameProtect, Headdrops, HealthBar, IDisguise*, InfoBook, Jobs, MassiveCore, MaxBans, mcMMO, MineableSpawners*, MineCordBot, NoCheatPlus, Orebfuscator, OreGenerator*, PermissionsEx, Ping, PlayerMention, PlayerVaults*, Pluginpoof, RandomBox [ Partially * ], RandomTeleport, ServerMinimap, SetrankPex, Signshop, Sleep-most, Trading, Vault, Vote, Votifier, VotingPlugin, VPNGuard, Warns, Watchdog, Worldedit.

In this thread i request the help from Dev's / Owners/ Possible Players, to help me look at the best names / permissions for my future players.

So thusly here i post my permissions.yml

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