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Kronos SMP | Vanilla | Survival | 24/7 | 1.13.2

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created 02/17/2019 2:33 pm by xFreshReal
Kronos SMP | Vanilla | Survival | 24/7 | 1.13.2

I am starting a new 24/7 smp server, similar to Hermitcraft, CubeSMP, and Mindcrack. There is a discord so we can all communicate and make a community world where we all work together but also build our own bases and do our own stuff. It is important to join our discord to be able to join the server. You can also apply via discord.


Server Rules:
  1. No Hacking
  2. No Griefing/Stealing
  3. No excessive or strong offensive language. We are a mature server, but if someone states that it offends them or you have been warned by a staff member, please stop.
  4. If you’d like to start a shop, then it is important to Message Fresh and let him know.

The rules are not set in stone and can be changed throughout the time spent on the server as if something comes up that needs to be changed.

Server Features:
  1. There will be a spawn village where everyone first spawns. This area will be prioritised for shops and community locations. There will also be a Nether Hub, for easy access to personal places and bases.
  2. We will all set community events such as killing the end dragon, where everyone can be apart of it
  3. Shulkers will drop 2 shucker shells every time they are killed to make sure everyone can get a respectful amount of shulker boxes. Mobs will have a chance to drop heads (Looting also adds more percentage). This is still Vanilla, but adds more aspect to the game that allows more options.
  4. The world will be set on normal difficulty, but can be changed to hard if everyone sees fit to the idea.
  5. Everyone will be allowed to have their own bases and move off from the spawn at any time they see fit.
  6. One Person Sleep will be enabled, so only one person has to sleep for it to become day. If someone states they would like it to stay night, then please don’t sleep.

Join the Discord to apply!

Thanks, hope to be seeing a few of you soon and to start a new server community with you. Server will be open 2/17/19. :D Be there for the opening!
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