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Looking for Builders! – Family Server | WorldEdit | Creative | Shops | Family/Roleplay Features | Dedicated Server

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created 03/11/2018 12:03 pm by Aanndryyyy
last reply 03/13/2018 3:48 pm
Hello, Player!

This is a kids-friendly family server. We have plots with creative and WorldEdit. Practically no limitation on what you can build or build with. Also, we encourage games between players and custom roleplay scenarios.

Soon we'll be adding survival and other game modes, even custom, to the server. We've already set up point shops and a referral plugin, so you can get awesome permissions quickly!

As the server is still actively being set up, you can get hold of many features before they become a part of the shop or premium ranks.

Join and give it a look!

We've also set up a lot of anti-swear and other plugins to keep the server clean and friendly.
We value the community. We currently have a 7GB dedicated server with SSD storage. The server is completely lag-free and expandable.

Server listing is viewable here!

Apply for Builder

By becoming a builder on this server you will receive many benefits, including, but not limited to, premium features, your own build server, recognition from the community members, etc.
Builder Application
Builder Application
1. Username, age:
2. Discord ID (username#0000):
3. Building experience:
4. If available, then provide examples:
5. Anything else:

Your application will be reviewed by me and if accepted you will be able to do builds on the server with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. Any other tool needed for building can be added.
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