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Minecraft Multiplayer Spawn?!

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created 08/13/2011 10:43 pm by Alduric
Dude when I or my friend dies in my multiplayer map i and my friends always spawn somewhere else even though i have the spawn placed with mcedit. But i see a whole bunch of random heads without gear or the box thing just floating around.....I only want one spawn! And i moved the player spawn thing and player head to where i want it, but there are still other floating heads around. And even though i placed a spawn box with mcedit I and my friends still always spawn close but next to it. I need help because this server is going to go public and the people are going to have to spawn in the right place and not outside of the freaking fortress spawn thing. The spawn is enclosed by walls but i dont think thats the problem because i even removed the ceiling above the spawn and you'll still spawn somewhere else. I need help guys! Feel free to ask questions
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