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Moderator Application - Minestar

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created 05/20/2018 10:46 am by Adweatherz
Minestar Moderation Application

Hello, I am PythonImported, the lead moderator of Minestar. I am in search of players who want to do more than just play the game, I’m looking for people who want to keep the server at its best and to always improve the quality of the experience for others, while also enjoying it for yourself.

Before we start, make sure you meet the requirements below:
  • Age 14+
  • Clean Version of Minecraft
  • Discord Account
  • Tolerance to do the quizzes Falceso comes up with

Questions (make sure to answer with well-thought sentences, respond to each question referring to its number and what type of question it is ex. Hypothetical 2)


  1. A player is being harassed, how do you fix the situation
  2. Someone ACCUSES A player of ‘hacking,’ how do you go about punishing the player accused
  3. (2.P.2) The accuser was not telling the TRUTH; how do you go about punishing the player


  1. Past Experience; any other servers, games or communities
  2. Real Life Skills; programming, writing, designing, etc.

Personal Info

  1. Discord User
  2. Minecraft User
  3. Age

After Questions

Check out our Discord! Once there you can interact with the community and even urge me to check your application.
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