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The Old Bastion is a new vanilla whitelist community with a goal of building up a beautiful world as a small, tight-nit community of mature adults over the long haul. Survive the darkness, gather your resources, and build the homes, cities and monuments of your dreams as part of a budding yet creative community. Part of the whitelist application includes showing us some of your builds so prepare any screenshots you can find for that. We do follow old-world themes like medieval amongst others here. It should also be said that the Old Bastion has a strict 18+ policy so as to provide a comfortable and casual place for adults. We also desire members who can play around the oceanic time-zones.

[​18+] [​Whitelisted] [​Vanilla] [​Build-focused] [​Hard-mode] [​Community-focused] [​Australian-based] [​Discord]

Join the Discord here.
Check out the official gallery here.

- Do not touch other members builds or items unless you have permission to do so.
- Keep the terrain and generated structures as tidy as possible.
- Respect your fellow members.
- Pvp must be agreed upon.
- Be mature in your actions and interactions.
- Do not discuss politics, ideologies or potentially controversial issues that would dampen everyone's mood. This place is aimed at being a positive place to escape from life a bit.
- No hacks or scripts are allowed (includes afk fishing and afk mob grinding scripts). Optifine and other quality of life/visual mods are fine though.
- Additional rules can be found in the discord

World Themes:
- Medieval
- Fantasy
- Ancient (Egyptian, Roman, etc)
- Traditional (Victorian, etc)
- or any such old/antiquity based themes.

- Mob griefing is disabled
- Fire tick (spread) is disabled
- Datapack: CoordinatesHUD
- Datapack: Nether Portal Coordinates
- Datapack: Custom Nether Portals
- Datapack: Double Shulker Shells
- Datapack: Afk Display

Application Requirements:
- Be 18+
- Be able to provide a few samples of survival builds you've done.
- Be able to play alongside those in oceanic timezones (namely Australia)
- Be at least semi-active each week.

If this interests you at all, join the discord and send me an application in the #application channel. Read the pin for details.

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