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Server is down while the RP aspect is being done. Please read the newly updated info below.

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The Pixelmon server that Tyrato had started is going under some big changes. It's going to be a Kanto-region RP. I made a mod that adds badge blocks and badges. We will have Gym Leaders and an Elite Four, containing members of staff and regular players. The Gym Leaders will be owned/be in charge of their respective gym, which includes giving players their badge and badge block upon defeat, and other duties. The Elite Four WILL be hard to beat, because there is no PC or Healer Block in between members of The Four. I will also be making blocks and badges for beating The Four and another for beating the Champion. We hope players will be active on the server, and most of all, have fun!

The Player App below must be filled out. Posts like "whitelist me. ign is bobdole123456" will be ignored.

1.Respect the Staff.

2.Don’t spam in the chat.

3.Don’t advertise on the server.

4.Cussing is allowed, just don’t excessively use it.

5.To get a house in a particular city you must first beat that city’s gym leader.

6.Gyms must be beaten in order (think of the game).

7.Houses must be bought.

8.Don’t grief, this is a serious offense.

9.You must call for a staff member to buy things from the shop.

10.Play nice with the other players, we don’t want players teaming up on someone or weird inappropriate scenarios going on.

11.No racial or sexual Harassment.

12.To talk out of RP (OOC in other words) put your text in ( ).

13.Don’t PowerGame or MetaGame, if you need to look up what it is to make sure you don’t do it.

14.No placing blocks anywhere outside of your housing plot or in your town’s mine.

15.No duplicating Pokémon.

16.Trading between players is allowed but don’t scam others.

17.Have fun and enjoy the Pokémon RP experience.

18.Put a diamond in the ”did you read the rules?” section in your app.

19.NO X-ray mods or texture packs.

20.Your skin should match your appearance. No weird skins such as Tazmanian Devil, Creeper, etc. You may use a Pokemon skin if you like. (example: Squirtle)
You will get one warning for breaking a rule. Continue and you will be banned.


Click to reveal
Player App:
Why us?:
How much do you know about Pokémon?:
Will you be asking a lot of questions?:
Did you read the rules?:
RP Experience:
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):

Background (at least 2 paragraphs):

Player App Example:
IGN: SamieltheMDS
Why us?: I enjoy the Pokémon games and etc., while I may not be into it as much as I use to when I was a kid I’d like to experience some of my past Pokémon experiences on Minecraft.
RP Experience: I’ve played on multiple RP servers in the past such as Vault RP, Lost Days, and Old World Blues.
RP Example (please include at least a 1 paragraph rp example):
*Samiel walks in the Pokémon Center and approaches the woman at the counter*
Samiel: Hello, Miss? I seem to have become a bit lost in my travels, do you think you could help me out?
Woman: Oh, of course, where were you trying to get to?
Samiel: I’m trying to get to Cerulean but I keep getting turned around somehow.
*Samiel pulls out a map and shows it to her*
Woman: Alright, well all you need to do is make your way through Mt. Moon here and you should be able to exit close to Cerulean.
*Woman points to a mark on the map*
Samiel: Alright, thanks for your help miss.
Woman: Not a problem, take care now.
Samiel: Thanks, you too.
*Samiel leaves the Pokémon Center*
(It doesn’t need to be as long or drawn out as this but you get the point, also this is not the only way you can do your RP Example).

Name: Samiel Lucien
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Medium length dark brown hair, glasses, black pants, black shoes, and a green zip up hoodie over a grey shirt.
Personality: A nice/kind person who does what he can for others and will fight if need be.
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):
Growing up Samiel never really had the chance to be around many Pokémon. At age 8 his Dad died in an accident at a Power Plant which was closed and abandoned shortly after. With things being only him and his mother he felt the need to help her out. At age 10 he was offered the opportunity to go out into the world and be a Pokémon Trainer but declined as he didn’t want to leave his mother by herself. At the age of 15 he was able to get a part time job at a local Poke Mart but as time passed and he saw Trainers come and go he started to wonder what it must be like.
At the age of 17 he began to see visit Oak’s Lab in Pallet Town to learn more about Pokémon as his curiosity grew. At the age of 19 he had learned quite a lot about Pokémon and had saved up a bit of cash over the years but looking back he wasn’t sure if it was too late or not to become a Pokémon Trainer. At the age of 20 as he decided to take up his thoughts with his mother on one of his visits, to his delight she supported the idea and said that there shouldn’t be any reason that he shouldn’t be able to be a successful trainer. After that he had got the resolve he needed and went off to visit Professor Oak to begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer.

Gym Leader/Elite Four App:
(People who apply for this section still have to fill out the player app. Look at the bottom of the original post to see which gyms are taken.)

How often can you be on?:
What experience do you have in a position like this?:
Why should you get the position?
(Gym Leader Only) Which Gym would you like to run (must be available)?:
(Elite Four Only) What type(s) would you use?:


Pixelmon Version 1.7.5: http://pixelmon.free...-3-2-t1389.html

1. Delete META-INF in your minecraft.jar
2. Extract forge there.
3. Extract Pixelmon to your minecraft folder.
4. (Optional). If you are upgrading Pixelmon, don't forget to delete the old version in the mods folder.







Gym Leaders:
Pewter :
Cerulean : Litesalt
Vermillion : Reggit
Celadon : Pillowfighter227
Fuchsia : Lordlightningman
Saffron : Pattybigrig
Cinnabar : SkyloftKnight
Viridian : Jibdp


SERVER IP: pixelmon.servegame.com
*small note* *Server will not always be up. For the most part it will, but not 24/7*

Any questions or issues can be dealt with here.
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