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[ScribblzMC needs BUILDERS and DEVELOPERS]

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created 01/23/2018 6:09 pm by Royal_Scribblz
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(Note: i use the term group and team interchangeably)
Dear Public,

Today im going to announce "New Beginnings"! Today is the day the server starts to become successful!

I have made "groups" for staff to go in this will be their priority. Each groups is a "gamemode" such as KitPvP. There will be seperate categorys for each team so they can talk. We will let you choose out of the teams with the lowest amounts of staff if you are accepted! Each team will have approximately ( 1-2 Developers who will handle the plugins used and the config settings for that "gamemode") ( 2-5 Builders who will handle the structures of the "gamemode" ) One dev and One builder from each group will be a head dev/builder who instructs other staff.

Me (Royal_Scribbzl) hazz1234 and xOmqAndrew_ and any other EXTREMELY helpful people will be apointed moderator, which at this time is a manager! We will direct all Head staff and we will decide on new members! Although head staff will have 90% off control over their team!

This way the server can be made productively and high quality! Staff will be appointed through our new forum .

The server will now become Whitelisted and only staff will be aloud on the server. As a staff member your group will only start actually working when you have the minimum amount of staff for your group to ensure that people are patient enough to wait and that the start of that team project wont be rushed and/or made with bad quality!

So far i have decided the projects are going to be KitPvp, Survival, Economy, Factions, Skyblock, Prison and Creative. Some require more effort but we will see how it goes.

Have fun guys!
Yours sincerely,
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