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Server in Development! - Looking for a Community, Builders and Suggestions!

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created 12/06/2018 7:43 am by iKyronix


I am currently developing a new server with another developer that is due to release in the coming weeks, which is why I'm not going to release the IP to the public. It is only exclusive to our discord members and community. We are looking for a strong community to open up our server with and we 100% need a Build team or at least a Head Builder. The server will involve servers such as Creative, Factions, Skyblock, Prison and an SMP that will be little to no plugins and will involve town creations and an economy to create a strong community. If anyone is interested in being a tester or just wants to be involved with it when it releases, join the discord or add me Kyronix#0001.

We have 100% completed the Hub and the Creative Server. It has been just under 2 weeks and we plan on completely finishing the 4 servers minimum before release. Let us know if you'd like to see anything on our server, Let us know! IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT We can add any Server you want!
We hope to see you on there after release!

Discord -
Add Me - Kyronix#0001
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