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created 07/20/2014 12:06 am by PotatoesNGravy

Solar Society hexxit server is NO PVP and NO RAID(Against other players, dungeons are ok obviously, derp)

On this server our Number one goal is to provide you the best hexxit experience possible, I am not running this server to profit, I am running it to give users who wish to play hexxit online and/or with friends the opportunity to do so.

Suggestions are always welcome. We will take all ideas into great consideration!

We also have donor ranks for those too lazy to go get stuff themselves willing to help out the server, but these are not mandatory and you are still able to get cool stuff without it, this is hexxit after all.

If this isnt the server for you we completely understand and apologize that this isnt what you are looking for!

Any questions? Post below or add me on skype: Crystacune , thanks!

Thanks for checking us out, see you on the server!

The Solar Society hexxit server has currently been up for 2 & 1/2months.
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