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Vanilla survival community server [whitelist] apply here :)

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created 10/09/2019 2:55 pm by betterben
Hi everyone,

I have plans for an awesome completely vanilla community server similar to that of hermitcraft or mindcrack.

I'd love for people to come on and help build a community with me.

I plan to livestream on the server and hopefully build up a really great world.

So basically I’m looking for people who are willing to join a discord server, chat and possibly start streaming or making videos too. Preferably people with more game experience. I was going to say 18+ but I think people would just lie about their age and I think there are plenty of younger people more mature anyway.

so to introduce myself

my name is Ben I’m 19 and I’m from the uk, I started playing in beta, stopped playing regularly about 1.7-1.8 played it occasionally with friends but now I’ve come full circle and I’d love to start playing more and streaming. Also I’ve just started university which is a lot of fun.

to apply I’d like to know




a bit about me:

why I'd like to join:

what can I bring to the server:

(If you don’t want to share your real name or prefer to be called by your username that’s fine just let me know :)

the server will go up when I have 3 people and I probably accept no more than 20 people, if I even get that many replies 😄.

I’ll message you privately if you get in within 24 hours.

Thanks :),

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