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Would anybody be intrested in a server run like a republic?

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created 11/13/2018 12:43 pm by Travis
I once prior attempted this idea, but ended up running it to the ground due to the fact that I was 13 and didn't have great communication skills, and ran it into the ground with special privileges to friends etc. I presently have much improved communication ability, and experience running successful servers.

I have a concept: A minecraft server in which the staff are elected by constituents (members/citizens). I have a few design concepts, as just having elected staff is a rather broad idea.


  • Staff are elected, and act as standard minecraft server staff, getting a few special powers and enforcing the per-written rules.

  • Staff are elected, and act as a legislature, making the rules and appointing people to act as "police", enforcing rules through them.

  • Staff are elected, and act as both a legislature and police force, making the rules AND enforcing them

  • Staff are elected to different branches, either all three used in the United States (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), or a combination of two or others, and the executive branch enforces laws, with a head as president, and legislative makes laws, with other branches acting in their defined powers

  • Staff are elected, then the members choose from the pool who makes laws and who enforces laws

It would seem to myself that the most practical of these would be the third option, specifically I would structure the legislature as an unicameral legislature with a "speaker" who acts similarly to the United States president. The legislature (Including the speaker) would present and vote on new bills, which could change punishments, laws, procedures, etc, and the speaker would then either sign or veto a bill, with a veto being overruled by a 2/3 vote in the legislature (still including the speaker). Obviously all bills would need to be read and approved by the owners (myself and a co-owner who would basically help me run the server smoothly) to ensure they are enact-able, but the permastaf (myself and the co-owner, and potentially a permanent admin or something) would attempt to be as non-influential as possible other than using the process of election and legislature.

Primarily I want to know if this is viable, if anybody would be interested and play, but I also need to find someone to act as co-owner.

If you have any suggestions or anything you want to say, leave it below

If you would like to apply for the position, please send me in a DM, and please note what I would expect of you

  • Able to handle stressful situations effectively

  • Well mannered human being; swearing and whatnot is okay but be a decent person.
  • Great communication skills - if this server is going to work it requires everyone involved understands how it works and what is happening

  • Be able to take over for up to a week at a time, as I often overload my schedule and may need you to take over. Obviously you don't need to be always available 24/7, but this is important.

Grade-Level (if-applicable)
Previous Experience as staff (incl. contact information if possible)
Why You're Interested:
Availability: (Days of week, time, special cases)
Anything else you want to say:
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