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[ILVERMORNYMC] Builders Recruitment:

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created 01/31/2017 5:33 pm by IlvermoreMC
last reply 02/02/2017 9:43 am

We are looking for a new team of Builders here at IlvermornyMC, a group with a "fresh" approach, self motivated and an eye for detail. We usually open our applications on our forum but we have decided to hire individuals that can take on our standards even without an interest in the Harry Potter World. Just pure passion for building!

What we want:

* A portfolio with 4 links of your previous work
* A minimum of 8+ hours a week working on the server
* You!

We want to open the server to the public this year so we have a high demand to get our builds perfected and efficiently as possible!


Post below or personal message me and we will review your work!
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02/02/2017 9:43 am
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Hi! I'm one of the builders for Team Iris. We're a two-woman Minecraft building team. We've just started out, but we've done work for two servers so far. Neither is up and running yet, but when they are, we'll link them. We've quit working on them, and now we're looking for someone new to build for. We're detailed, and we build reasonably fast. Please look at our website, as our website. We LOVE the Harry Potter series, and we would be SO honored to work for your server!
My Skype is live:enderholly

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