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Hypixel Football (Soccer) Team | NOW RECRUITING |

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created 06/28/2016 9:51 pm by CanadianHatchet
Welcome to


What are we: FC Hypixel is a team/community that is forming for the new Hypixel arcade game football which is essentially Rocket League in Minecraft!

How do I apply: To apply for FC Hypixel simply add me on skype: herschel.heath1 Once you do that, I will talk with you and arrange for a time when we can play a game of football while in a call so I can evaluate your skills and determin where and if you have a place on our team.

Why should I join FC Hypixel: FC Hypixel is mean't to be a community of players that share an interest in the football mini-game. You get to play with and meet new friends all while supporting your team!

Extra Info: FC Hypixel has a jersey skin that you can request. There will be a skype group for FC Hypixel players only. There are no positions any players have to play but it is recommended that you become familiar with which position you like to play (for me its defensive-mid). It is also recommend that you know or become familiar with football vocabulary as it will be used in Skype calls.

That's it! If anyone has any questions please ask them in response to this thread so others can see the answer!

Skype: herschel.heath1
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