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Need Help With a Map for Novus City

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created 01/21/2018 5:14 pm by Capal_Victorous
Hi guys!

So, as I mentioned on my profile about a month ago, I am working on a realistic city project. However, after spending about 100 hours on it, I realized that the map I was using is not nearly large enough. The map size was about 16 kilometers squared, which is the equivalent of 16 kilometers by 16 kilometers (I am using the block = meter scale.) After doing some research, the size of the tri-state area is around 20 square kilometers, and that does not include most of the actual suburbs. So, I decided a map around 32 kilometers squared would be the best size, seeing as the map needs a river, some details such as hills and such, and a coastal area with an ocean. Although most of the map will be flattish, with hills about 5 blocks tall, and only a few larger ones, I figured that it did not sound that absurd. Though a map of this size has only been attempted once or twice before, keep in mind I am attempting a map which is mainly flat. So, I am hoping that somebody will help me create this map the new city project, Novus City.

If anybody wishes to help, you may contact me by email or discord.

Email: [email protected]

Discord: Capal_Victorous#9793
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