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Nova Order is looking for builders

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created 03/31/2016 8:04 am by RCGamex

Nova Order has been under development since September of 2015 and has secured a sponsorship.

We are building an MMORPG within a Minecraft atmosphere. At present, we are developing areas for four main races (Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Orcs). We are currently looking for semi-experienced builders to help with expansions of ongoing projects alongside future builds. All work is conducted on a volunteer basis.

If you feel you are the right candidate to join the Nova Order Team, please fill out the form below by either replying to this thread or by sending a personal message.

* Name:
* Age:
* Skype Name:
* Link to portfolio:
Preferred Build Style (if applicable):
Details of membership held on any build teams (if applicable):

Please make sure you have a portfolio of your builds. We need to have an understanding of what your building experience is.
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