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Professional Adult Needed for Development Team

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created 02/23/2019 2:22 am by TheYetiMonster
last reply 02/28/2019 10:26 am
Hello fellow Minecrafters! We're currently looking for some more help with our current projects involving our server. Who knows, maybe you're the right fit.

I'll make it clear firstly that we're not trying to make a quick buck here. This has nothing to do with making a ton of money, because this is a passion project we have, and we want to be able to make balanced gameplay without all of the "buy this and buy that" factors to be overwhelming.

We have a number of ideas that we are currently pursuing but we need some more help. This team is full of professionals that have a variety of skills such as graphic design, programming, business, marketing, and most of us have bachelor degrees.

We are trying to make an amazing server for this awesome community. I only want the best for this server and I've also been searching for the best teraformers, 3D designers, developers, and so on. We're even planning on paying a pretty penny for our hub. Keep in mind, I'm not going to be asking for any money from you to pitch in to make this possible.

If you're interested and have some skills that you would like to bring to the table, please feel free to add me on discord so we can discuss further. I'm not looking for anyone under the age of 18 and outside of North America at this time, so please keep that in mind.

Discord - Yeti#6524
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02/23/2019 5:37 pm
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Hey Yeti,

I'm DCE (Emily) and I'm an oldie here. I'll add you on discord. I share a similar vision for a passion project, in my case - a very nostalgic one. I certainly have a lot of resources that can help you out. I have a dream to rebuild an old community called AerisGaming - It used to run from 2013-2015.

Maybe we can get together and create something - I could use the motivation when it comes to restarting. I'm fully funded in terms of website/domain/and hosting (not just for MC - but a physical server on a Static I.P)

Don't bother ditching out lots of money on a hosted server - I can help you guys out!
02/23/2019 3:16 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Cowboy
I would recommend including pictures or links to previous projects you’ve done. While telling people that you don’t plan on cheating anyone or that your team is full of professionals is great, it can be hard to trust what people say, especially on open forums. A website(like my team has) or even just a link to an album of Imgur screenshots can go a long way.
02/24/2019 12:41 am
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I do appreciate your recommendations and it's a work in progress. I'm personally coding and designing a website and we're focusing on the current servers. We aren't exactly "open" yet, but if anyone wants to know more, they're more then welcome to add me on discord.

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