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by WilliamRFlagg » 7/15/2017

when i try to upload my mod i get this error
you are not the owner of this media item
I made this mod but it wouldn't let me no matter what i try :(
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by WilliamRFlagg » 7/16/2017

Hello?? Anyone????? :?
can people please pay attention to my posts before adding a new topic!?
otherwise i'm deleting this topic! and never asking for help ever again!! :evil:
anyways my mod is supposed to be a nether like coal dimension to compete against the iron dimension and the diamond dimension may the best mod win :)
the coal dimension is supposed to be in its alpha series right now for 1.5.2 don't worry
I will make the latest forge series one when i work my way up
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by Karrthus » 7/16/2017

if you are having trouble uploading submissions please submit a support ticket and a member of our team will get back to you asap, the forums are no longer used regarding issues with the site
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