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Server Ownership Verification

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created 04/15/2012 11:43 pm by Zaralith
This thread is outdated and no longer applies to the current situation at PMC. As a result I've kept the old text in a spoiler just for historical purposes, but do NOT follow them! Any reports of "MOTD verification" will be dismissed.

The new system is much easier and automated. Instructions for:
NEW SERVERS: Go to My Account < Servers, and post your server as usual. Once you have verified via the automated system that you indeed have console access, you can post the server - it will then delete any conflicting posts that match your IP/port combination. If you just wish to keep the post alive but not visible, uncheck the "Publish Live" option.
EXISTING SERVERS: Go to the Update Server menu of your server, and re-verify your server. This should fix any "Please verify your server" errors you may encounter.

If your server has been removed accidentally or, you believe, mistakenly, please contact a site moderator and we will help you fix the issue.

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