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I'm on Skindex! (Also a note to skinners on it.)

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created 01/09/2020 4:27 pm by PickleCat history
I joined skindex,
mostly as a caution against skin stealers

but also to widen the skin community and knowledge of my creations!

MY Skindex Account/Profile

So If I do get a bit popular on Skindex,
the majority/a few of you will be from Skindex and have read the disclaimer
And will know me by:


Now, any skins that I have ''stolen'' from anyone,
they probably infact stole from me,
or I just had a similar design.
And skins that I have straight up ''stolen'' and posted on skindex
will most likely be on here as well
but have been posted on a date before any skins people on skindex might have reuploaded
if necessary I will provide a link to an imagine comparison upload date of my original skins on here
up against any that might have been stolen

I Only Do Original Work
If I Have Used Bases I will Have Credited

If You See A Skin Of Mine, On Here Or On Skindex
That Has Either Been Stolen Or Re uploaded
Provide Me A Link So I Can Report It
As Well So Other People Can

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