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Looking for a skin creator for an open Partnership.

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created 04/25/2018 2:48 pm by SoggySpartan
last reply 05/22/2018 5:26 am
Hi! I'm SoggySpartan and I am a Minecraft digital Artist. I create still images from all genres as well as animations. What I need is a skin artist that would be open to work with me for various projects, still or animated.

The benefit of working with me is having your work on display. I can create illustrations based off of your skin design. All I ask is that you would create custom skins for me. Again, another benefit to that is that once I'm completed with the project, your skin design will go on display.

If I interest you please reply to this thread. Maybe we can get a group going? I would prefer if experienced skin creators would respond. Some skins may need to highly detailed.

I will post a link to all my work with Imgur and streamable.

Images -


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05/22/2018 5:26 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Botanist
I'd totally be up for it, but i may not to be to your style, but i can defiitly try detailed skins, If you look at my skins most of them are from over a year ago, i've improved, and the generic red square is a meme skin i forgot to upload a while ago ^^
04/25/2018 3:01 pm
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I don't know why the Streamable links aren't working. Please, excuse them for now.

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