What did you do when you first played Minecraft?

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by Karenthian » 7/4/2012

Couldn't figure out how to work alpha, used up all my darts and TnT in a few seconds, hid from a cow in a hole, because I didn't know it was a cow. It went down hill from there, until I discovered you could actually break things.
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by Shanery » 7/4/2012

I was pro from the start. I had watched the yogscast before i even GOT the game 8-)
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by kickboxer62000 » 7/4/2012

I Started off by breaking dirt then i built a hole and coverd the top of the hole, then i figured out that there are monsters... so they spawned in there and i dyed :P


and then i made a bed next to a wall later on when i looked it up on google :P
and i was hit by a zombie in my hole and i suffocated in the wall... :lol:
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by Dragonskies » 7/4/2012

This happened in alpha i knew how to break stuff but i didnt know how to craft or open my inventory so i checked up youtube... (Noob) so when it was the first night i just got killed by all the monsters out there and it was the most famous one.... The Creeper
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by NavalWarfare » 7/4/2012

um, let's see. It was 1.2 Beta. I had watched a friend play the game earlier that day, it was the first I've heard of the game. I was so amazed, I went home and played the classic version for about 3 hours, building all sorts of random buildings and caves. Then, I bought the game. I created a world, and knew from watching him that I needed to kill trees to start. I punched the tree for about 15 minutes, got tired of it, since nothing happened, and then punched some flowers and got them, confused, I went back to punching the tree. I eventually looked up on google 'how to break blocks in minecraft' and found a guide to how to start the game. After reading through that, I crafted a wooden pick, and then dug into the side of a mountain. I took yellow flowers and placed them EVERYWHERE around my 'house' as they seemed to provide a tiny bit of light. I waited through the night, created all my stone tools, and kept expanding my hole in the wall. After exploring, and getting all the cacti and yellow flowers I could find, as well as sugarcane and anything else that interested me, it was night again, but it was still on peaceful, as it had been the whole time. I was unable to find my way back to my hole, as it got too dark for me to see anything, therefore I stopped on a grass hill next to a small desert as the sand was easier to see then grass, and then covered my hill with yellow flowers, once more using it as a form of light. Eventually I found coal, and made torches, and my adventure-

Started There.
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by craftykids » 7/4/2012

I tried to craft wooden tools completely out of wood.
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by BasicMinerDude » 7/4/2012

i coulnt hit cus i joined at the start of 1.2.5 so i checked controls and moved the pick block to q and hit to click :D then it was alllll down hilll :P
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by PistonPlay » 7/4/2012

I was in Alpha 1.4 And I punched trees and made planks.
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by ToxicPeanuts » 7/4/2012

Punched flowers, made a dirt house and bragged about it to my dad...
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by butkicker402 » 7/4/2012

I was afraid of being ambushed by a creeper so I grabbed some wood, made a dirt house, and mined things with a stick before I knew what to do. It was 1.0 :D
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by Consistency » 7/4/2012

I spawned right next to a wood, thinking it was a huge 'monster.'

(I've seen some YouTube videos about Minecraft, so I wasn't THAT much of a noob)

I then gathered about 10 wood, and I made a crafting bench...
I found a small cave, then set up my camp for the night there.

When it was morning, I went looking for a couple of sheep.
(I looked up the recipe for beds, xP)

When I got the beds, I put them down, then I went to sleep.

Later, I found a string/vine of diamonds, about 4 of them.
Since I was a noob, I waited FOREVER to get them, I was using a wood pickaxe.

10 minutes later...
I broke the diamonds, and nothing appeared. I was about to rage quit, when my brother came in and told me I needed an iron pickaxe to mine them.

So, I went to find iron.
I made the iron pickaxe, and I went on to mine the diamonds.

The next night, I was just wondering, and I saw this green thing in the view...
I was curious, so I went to investigate...

Then, BOOM. I died, and I lost my 3 diamonds.

-The End-
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by noll11 » 7/4/2012

Well, to start with, I blew up a LOT! :P

After that I had to figure out that you needed to hold down the LMB to mine, like most people here :P

I can actually remember my 1st night pretty well :P I ran around seeing how to play until it got dark, and then I found a way up a steep hill and mined away until nothing could get up ( of course, I didn't know about skeletons then :P ). I managed to survive the night, and then went from there.
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