Kinect for minecraft?

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by Freeman0676 » 12/15/2012

I was thinking the other day.. and i really do think that Kinect should be implimented into minecraft it would be really awesome...

Who agrees?
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by legomanpilot » 12/15/2012

I do and click my dragon and the egg please :)
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by Raharlem » 12/15/2012

agree, it would be cool!
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by Pjacks2 » 1/5/2013

I hope this happens soon!
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by Martinixon » 1/5/2013

It has, people have coded it to work with Kinect, check it out on youtube.
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by jchint » 1/5/2013

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by OfficialHG_PMC » 1/5/2013

It has been I believe. At least I saw it on youtube.
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by notnobody » 1/5/2013

I don't want these stupid gimmicks on the 360. All I want is a more powerful console. If they dont' step up their game consoles are done for.
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