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by KissMyBass » 2/17/2013

I am looking for someone who has a pretty good amount of experience using tekkit. I don't want any really young kids so I'm looking in the area of 15 and up. You sort of need skype because that is the point in having you as a partner and I don't like having to type in game all the time, it makes things harder.

Skype: (pm)
Amount of experience: (on a scale of 1/10)

IGN: xRAWE2433x
Skype: (sent)
Amount of experience:(8)
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by CamelChip579208 » 2/17/2013

I'd love to, but I don't really want to be partners. Can I still play?
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by Aaron1818 » 2/17/2013

Skype: aaron.aaron.2000
Age:12 , turn 13 on 9/20
Amount of experience: 9/10 i play'd most of the mods in tekkit befor the modpack was even made.

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by kwarriorFTW1999 » 2/17/2013

IGN: kwarrior1999
Skype: (pm) kwarrior1999
Age: 14 in a month
Amount of experience 8/10
Pm if accepted
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