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by clickmeITSfree » 7/25/2013

IP: SoulMakers.tk

SoulCraft 1.6.2 (We have Herobrine, Hide and seek)
SoulCraft is a minecraft raiding server, we have lots of plugins and tons of choices available to the player such as: creative world, survival, faction, MCmmo, auction plugin, lottery plugin, guns, economy, ranks which you can get without donating, private shop plots, main mall with all items, pvp arenas, custom portals and warps, enchantment shop, a user friendly spawn and friendly staff, resource and plot world, we support TeamSpeak, here you have the chance to become rich and own great factions with your friends! biggest faction owner will get free VIP. We also offer donator ranks. Last but not least, we have Hide and seek, X-run, TNT-run, spleef, cops n robbers, mob arena,guns, 3 different parkours and as said previously we have herobrine enabled. WHY WAIT? JOIN NOW!!!

IP: SoulMakers.tk
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by vivimaker » 7/25/2013

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by Truff » 8/11/2013

I went on this server and theres NO HEROBRINE (or I cant find it) :( LOL
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