Recruiting Airport project builders and server hosts

Are you starting a new project and are looking for members, or are you looking for something to join? Here's the spot!

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by Leo_Plays » 6/16/2017

The Delta nation is looking for people ready to rebuild a huge abandoned project. An AIRPORT!

If interested in any of these jobs:
Store makers
General exterior Builder
General interior Builder
Detail Adders(Interior)
Detail Adders(exterior)
Server host and organizer

Yes, you can use world edit!

Please write down in the comments:
Your Age
Years of experience
MC name
Skype info (Mostly for typing, not vid nor voice chat)
and why do you wanna help

Good luck!!
EDIT: feel free to leave your Discord info instead of Skype!
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by Tannik » 6/18/2017

Hello Leo_Plays,

We are interested in helping you with this unique project. Please, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord Eggwin#7035. Thank you, best wishes.

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