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by NotRadioactiveKebab » 7/3/2012

Hey i got my first skin a while ago and its good and works but i cant change it. I have a random skin just for fun :D , but now I've made a new skin. It says skin changed on but on the game it wont change. anyone got any suggestions?
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by ajspin » 7/3/2012

maybe your Char.png file has been set to that skin
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by Dalek_Cairn » 7/3/2012

close minecraft and open back up or change skin again...
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by WalrusMan » 8/3/2012

i had the same problem. I NEED HELP TOO!!!! :cry:
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by deadifyed » 8/3/2012

Oh my! The world of Minecraft is going to hell! Log out of Minecraft. Wait FIVE WHOLE MINUTES. Then log back in. Wow! The world of Minecraft is saved! :o
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