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ondemand_video PMC YouTubers Section

Colbb on Youtube

Subscribers: 1,050
Videos: 11

90% of my content boutta be Sea of Thieves lol

Latest videos

    We were stacking world events when these absolute ninjas pulled up on us in a rowboat... Their attempt to tuck didn't end up too well for them, but they did set our boat on fire :( SEA OF THIEVES PVP...

    posted 03/19/2021 10:32 pm

  • STEALING a FOTD from a STACKED SLOOP! (Sea of Thieves)
    This was the FIRST server of tha session... Pretty alright warm up if you ask me. These HOTMICS had multiple evens stacked and had just completed Fort of the Damned when we caught them lacking... SUB...

    posted 03/12/2021 7:00 am

  • RAGEQUITS, HOTMICS, & MORE! (Sea of Thieves Highlights)
    A collection of random clips from my Sea of Thieves sessions! From funny moments to salty hot mics, I tried to include some variety while also using the random clips I have stored on my computer. SUB...

    posted 03/05/2021 9:44 am

  • This HOTMIC Galleon Was STACKED! (Sea of Thieves)
    While messing around in a discord call I found a hilarious hot mic galleon! A sweaty sloop duo joined the fight and it was a quick win. SUBSCRIBE for more Sea of Thieves content! Follow my Twitch t...

    posted 02/12/2021 11:50 am

  • Boarding a SLOOP With 6 MEN! (Sea of Thieves Highlights)
    We got onto a server with some friends to complete Season 1 alliance deeds.. ..We didn't get much done but it made for a pretty funny highlight video lol SUBSCRIBE for more Sea of Thieves content! ...

    posted 02/06/2021 2:51 pm

  • We Stole The NEW LOST SHIPMENT And MORE! (Sea of Thieves Season 1)
    After getting on to grind some trials for the new Sea of Thieves Season One update we ended up getting into some action... (And got lucky enough to find somebody's shipwreck after stealing their key t...

    posted 02/02/2021 11:06 am

  • This SALTY PVE Crew Thought I Was Cheating! (Sea of Thieves)
    We found an Athena 5 brig and wanted to tuck on them for their emissary Athena quest. After I killed one, they ran for like an hour until we sunk them and had some gamer words thrown at us... SUBSCRI...

    posted 01/29/2021 2:18 pm

  • We Stole His GILDED ATHENA! (Sea of Thieves Highlights)
    IT'S TIME! WEEKLY UPLOADS EVERY FRIDAY :) Every week Ima post highlight videos, crazy Sea of Thieves sessions, or montages - STAY TUNED! This is just a compilation of a bunch of Sea of Thieves clips ...

    posted 01/22/2021 11:42 am

  • prolly the best fortnite squad NA
    DISCLAIMER: This was recorded a good while ago and I'm a little less of a bot now ;) Basically I was playing Fortnite kinda late at night and I wanted to put a few funny clips together.. Subscribe f...

    posted 04/20/2019 2:08 am

  • I found 6 widowmaker clips from the chinese new year event...
    (WAAAY better if you watch in 4K) SO I was going through my overwatch clips and found a folder with a few clips of my widowmaker headshot snipes during the chinese new year capture the flag event... ...

    posted 04/15/2019 7:32 pm

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