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  • CrazyMew37
    September 18, 2020, 6:46 pm to Public
    Hi, this is CrazyMew37 here. I'm finally done with my NPC Packs, and I have decided to release a Minecraft World I've been working on for Pokemon Black and White's 10th Anniversary! Happy Birthday, Hilbert and Hilda!

    If you want to see this World, then here:

    I am also thinking about merging all 5 of my NPC Packs into one for a more useful and convenient thing. Of course, you will still be able to get them separately still. :)

    I hope you enjoy what there is of the new map! :D
  • CrazyMew37
    June 23, 2020, 12:20 am to Public
    Hi, this is CrazyMew37 here. As you might know, I've decided to update my Pokemon Protagonists NPC Pack with a bunch of NPC Trainer Redesigns and Silly 'Easter-Egg' Skins (Check it out if you haven't already). I just wanted to announce what Pixelmon Skin Packs/Pokemon Minecraft Skins that I might make in the future.

    NPC Pack #1: Pokestar Studios Outfits (DONE)

    The first pack will contain the 6 Pokestar Studios Outfits worn by Nate and Rosa, having a total of 12 skins. The Ninja and Scientist Outfits may be a bit difficult to work on, but I'm pretty confident with this from what I've did in the past. Also, a skin of Nate's Prince Outfit and Rosa's Princess Outfit would just be awesome to wear/create! If you wanted to recreate Pokestar Studios in Minecraft or enjoy cosplay, then this pack could be a good addition to your plans. (As long as you can find skins for characters other than Nate and Rosa, of course.)

    NPC Pack #2: Pokemon Protagonists: Pokemon Ranger Editon (Pokemon Ranger Player Pack) (DONE)

    The second pack will have the main player protagonists of the Pokemon Ranger Trilogy, including Lunick, Solana, Kellyn, Kate, Ben, and Summer. There will be 8 skins total, including Kellyn and Kate's Ranger School Outfits. If you always wanted a Pokemon Ranger Skin (Sense there are little to none of them from what I know), then now's your chance! Yeah, It's weird to have them use Pokeballs, but Pixelmon only has so much packed inside of it.

    NPC Pack #3: Ash Ketchum Pack (DONE)

    The Third Pack is self-explanatory: it's just a pack containing all of Ash Ketchum's major redesigns. There are only 7 skins in this NPC Pack, but if you want to fight Ash in Pixelmon with my skins, then go ahead. Plus, I think I might be the first user to make all versions of Ash in the future.

    NPC Pack #4: Pokemon Rivals Pack (DONE)

    For the last pack, we come to the smallest planned pack to the largest, having a whopping 50 planned skins. While not as large as Pokemon Protagonists V1.1, it's still pretty decently sized. Yeah, I mentioned that I was gonna make this pack when Pokemon Protagonist got 250 downloads, but I'll probably just make this. Not like I didn't want to make these, anyway. The title may be a bit misleading, considering that I'm gonna add in characters like Yellow, Lillie, Sonia, and... a certain trainer found on Route 30, but I hope it has an enjoyable roster to battle with and put on!

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little wall post I've made. I hope you'll enjoy my future skins when I get to them!
    CrazyMew37 said 2020-06-24 10:18:12
    Small NPC Pack #4 Update: Two extra characters are gonna be added, now with a total of 50 skins instead of 48. I just simply wanted to announce that.
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