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    IP: Play.CygnusCraft.net

    About Us

    Welcome to the Late First Age of CygnusCraft!

    We are a dedicated 24/7 anarchy server operating on the version of Minecraft's Village and Pillage update, 1.14.1. CygnusCraft was started January 1st between a close group of friends and a week later, we began accepting players to our world to begin a trade union. If you'd like to begin a trade pact with other players, use the end to trade! Only a handful of the 128 end portals have been found. Claim one as your own!


    For the best free-to-choose Vanilla experience, we offer:
    • A border of 30 million x 30 million.
    • No map resets.
    • 100% vanilla experience
    • AFK farms are allowed.
    • You may build/grief in spawn.
    1.14.x versions are slightly buggy. If you run into an issue, please tell us over Discord and we'll fix it together.


    CygnusCraft has two rules to ensure that your in-game experiences are not ruined by others. Player's should not have to deal with the risk of installing malware just so they can compete to have the "best" hacked client. Simply put:

      1. No hacking. Anything giving the player an unfair advantage is not allowed. This encompasses anything related to third-party software, X-ray, Aura, etc.
    No game-breaking machines. This includes duping machines and lag machines.

    Everything else goes! Good luck!


    Our Discord ⇒ https://discord.gg/aQystxz
    Our Reddit ⇒ https://www.reddit.com/r/CygnusCraft
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