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    🛤️ Rail Rider - A adventure-platformer map like no other! 🛤️


    💠 WEBSITE: whoatemybutter.privatedns.org/downloads/railrider/
    💠 PMC: https://www.planetminecraft.com/proje...
    💠 MCMaps: Coming soon!

    🖋️ DESCRIPTION: 🖋️

    Rail Rider is an adventure-platformer map like no other! Jaunt a metal cart through a myriad of lanes to obtain the Fragments! Unravel brand new tracks, from ancient to ultramodern, all the while aggregating the Fragments to tear down that section's barrier! Traverse along 9 entire installments to conquer all 23 levels to annex the final match! Decorate yourself with hats & headgear, or refurnish all the quartz rooms, from a sandstone look to an evil nether brick paint! Discover hidden Trophies to decipher a bonus room, all to ride the sky-high tourist rail to overlook the level grid! Built through over the course of 2 years, Rail Rider is a monolithic Minecraft world, chock full of features and
    adventure, sure to give you endless fun!

    ✔️ Download it today! ✔️

    💥 FEATURES: 💥

    💠 Decorate yourself with fancy hats
    💠 Theme rooms with 4 different looks
    💠 Particles to spice up your character
    💠 Full-fledged Custom Advancements
    💠 Complete Soundtrack by MelonadeM
    💠 1.14 Syntax and Functions
    💠 Reset Capabilities
    💠 Advanced Teleportation Mechanics
    💠 Custom Titles and action-bar messages
    💠 Custom Language File
    💠 Custom Resource Pack
    💠 Colored Messages
    💠 Semi-Realistic Level Environments
    💠 Level Previews
    💠 Secret Trophies


    Since build 0.39, Multiplayer is fully supported. However, you may still
    encounter issues. If you are running build 0.38, Multiplayer support is
    implemented, however you cannot access the bonus room due to a bug.
    This is fixed in 0.39. Any build below 0.38 will not work with
    Multiplayer. In builds 0.39 and above, any number of players will work.
    Of course, you should always play the latest version, which is v1.0.7.

    📝 DETAILS: 📝

    💠 Version: Made for MC: Java Edition (Desktop/PC) 1.14.4; best used
    with OptiFine.
    💠 Latest Build: v1.0.7
    💠 Players: Infinitely many, but 1-5 are recommended
    💠 Playtime Length: 1h on a quality play-through, 1h10m on a poor one.
    💠 Render Distance: Any minimum should work, as important chunks are
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    Hello! I'm WhoAteMyButter, a person that makes Minecraft maps, a lot of them on MinecraftMaps.com.
    I'm a map maker, a person that makes worlds for other people to play on. The cool thing about maps is that you can make them your own. You can add secret command blocks with hidden messages in them, you can use MCEdit to put color codes, you can even rename some of the files to something secretive! I'm different from other map creators in the sense that I look at other people's maps and look at how they make their maps, and how I could implement their popular ideas into my own maps.

    I hope you enjoy my maps and creations, as I have the the time to create them.
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