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The Creature Of Forgotten Souls

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Level 13 : Journeyman Warrior
The Soul-Hungry creature terrorized the End, Nether and Overworld.
Being the enemy of most mobs, the creature wins most fights.

Dating back thousands of years ago, the creature was first seen by our ancestors, the Ancient Builders.
It was seen in a cave full of dead animal bodies. It was feeding its offspring. For centuries, the Ancient Builders studied this mysterious creature. People tried to kill it, most of them didn't live on to tell the tale. It gave you a curse, a curse that didn't enable you to break blocks, then it digs a hole in you brain and kills you in 3-4 hours. People wanted to defeat it but it didn't work. How can we defeat this beast?! Years later, they created the Nether Portal, causing even more chaos.

Once the creature entered the Nether, it became the number one enemy of the Piglins.
It fed on baby Piglins, Hoglins and sometimes even Ghasts. It evolved to be fire-resistant, spreading even more chaos.
The creature suffered when it entered the End......

When they entered the End, they attacked directly the Enderdragon. But when they did.........they suffered.
They failed. The king of Endermen captured one of them. It is in the Prison of Voidless in the Imperial island.
Endermen were too advanced for it. After just 12 months, the creature got extinct. Only one of them were alive.

This was the story of the monster that holds the killstreak, 112,866,437 mobs.

You can thank the Endermen for making this nightmare extinct because it is TERRIBLE
ResolutionHD 2x

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08/15/2022 3:07 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Warrior
This is the ancestor of the phantom
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