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Dungeons & Artifacts (1.15.2)

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avatar DthOvrlrd
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* This mod is still in its early version and will change over time *

As you can see this mod is inspired by other Minecraft franchise (Minecraft Dungeons), as well as my own ideas.

* Important Notice:
- This mod is now required GeckoLib (1.15.2) to run. To download click here: GeckoLib Download
- This page only shows only show some of the pictures to see the full content click the website link, and this will go to the CurseForge page of the mod.
- To download click the latest version Download Here!


What's added (V.1.0- Souls):

(V.1.5- Souls II):

(V.2.0- Spiders):

(V.2.5- Spiders II):

(V.2.6- Souls & Spiders Changes):

(V.3.0- Flora & Fauna I):

(V.3.5- Flora & Fauna II):


* Plans for the future versions:

V.#.5 are smaller updates that add random or extra features

V.4.0- Desert
V.5.0- Ocean

* Feel free to add this mod to your own Modpacks
CreditThis mod is made possible by MCreator
Progress35% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

1 Update Logs

(V.3.5- Flora & Fauna II) : 12/02/2020 2:17:10 amDec 2nd, 2020

* Flora & Fauna Update is now completed
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