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avatar Fennecai
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
Hello everyone!

This is a simple, but very useful data pack that allows anyone to easily make elevators in vanilla Minecraft 1.14+

Setup is simple:

for elevators that go UP; place a block of white wool and a tripwire on top of that wool- stand on the tripwire and up you go.

for elevators that go DOWN; place a block of wool exactly 2 blocks above a hole you wish to descend into; and place a tripwire string at floor level just above the hole. Step on the string, and you will be slowly lowered to the bottom of the hole.

Simple as that!

in-depth Features include:

  • anti-grief measures: if you find yourself flying to the moon without a space suit, don't worry. When you get within 5 blocks of the world height (255 y), you will automatically be teleported to your spawn point and will stop flying upwards.
  • Simple to build: only requires 1 block of white wool and 1 block of string placed correctly. no complicated crafting!
  • Verticle Position Lock: once in an elevator, you can't leave until you hit your head on the ceiling or land on the floor safely. this makes it easy to build elevator shafts without actually needing the shaft itself. :)
  • Bonus feature: both cave air and normal air can be found in execute commands using the new block tag, #air. This is used for the elevators, but can be used for anything you want if you are experienced enough!
  • Easy to expand upon: the simple design makes creativity easy. For example, if you want to make multiple floors, you can make a Redstone mechanism that blocks the vertical shaft at the desired floor, for example.
  • Conflict-free: the commands are designed to allow the game to function normally without intrusion. While the elevators use levitation and slow falling to work; the effects will not be interfered with for non-elevator situations. for example, getting hit by a shulker will still work as expected, even when elevators are present in the world.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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