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Enlightened End

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Enlightened End Minecraft Mod

Enlightened End Minecraft Mod

Enlightened End is an end expansion mod for 1.16.5+ which stays true to the vanilla style while also aiming to improve the end in areas it is lacking features with intricate and detailed biomes, each containing blocks, mobs, and items that are all unique with most having special functionality, helping separate it from other end mods.

Enlightened End Minecraft Mod

  • The Enderneath, a new radioactive biome that generates underneath the end islansd.
  • The Congealed Forest, a new sticky forest biome with lots of bouncy and float-y blocks and items.
  • 2 new mobs to accommodate the biomes.
  • Magnetism system, with magnets that can pull and repel entites and the player.
  • New liquid exclusively found in the end.
  • 100+ new blocks and items total, with lots of decorative and functional blocks.
  • Lots of new foods with special effects.
  • new ores such as bismuth, adamantite, and malachite.
  • Expansions to pre-existing end biomes and features.
You can view all major features in this document

—Most these features are only present in the latest versions—

"Will Enlightened End be back-ported to X version"

1.18.2 is the only version it will be backported to.

"Will Enlightened End be ported to fabric?"


"Am I allowed to use Enlightened End in a modpack?"

Of course! credit / a link to the mod would appreciated but is not required.

YouTube can be accessed here
My Patron can be accessed here
Community Discord Server
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here -- (Join for sneak peaks and support!)

Use code "muffinsqw" for 25% off your first Minecraft server at Bisect Hosting

  • Thanks to _humanoid for helping with the mod and Ringling rework suggestion
  • Thanks to Blvx for the mod name
  • Made using MCreator
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.2

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01/25/2023 2:01 pm
Level 24 : Expert Modder
Dragons1019367 avatar
It says 1.18, but you described it as a 1.16 mod.

I'm confused...

What did you mean?
01/25/2023 5:03 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
muffinsqww avatar
when you go to curseforge its available for 1.19.2, and 1.18.2. it also says 1.19.2 not 1.18.2
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