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Biboy2009 avatar Biboy2009
Level 30 : Artisan Miner
This addon allows you to the food was the kitchen in real life this addon?

New features:
Added items to different from the addon needed to type?!
Lettuce, but the v2.0 added?
Tomato, but the v2.0 re-added the item is seeds if obtained?
Toaster, mentioned by a v1.0 but re-add you from v2.0 was added?!
Seeds, but v2.0 was re-add to the from by a seeds in lettuce and tomato seeds but with this block?!
Ported of Kitchen++ Mod is for Minecraft Java for Forge your to port!!!?
NOTE: This addon adds can try to the make get the this item, from but with the missing?
CreditPort by a Kitchen++ Mod to the thanks?!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

2 Update Logs

Fixed textures update or Blocks and Items update V2.0 #1 : by Biboy2009 02/11/2023 8:09:22 amFeb 11th

Added toaster appearance by a UI in a might be feature?
Added lettuce and tomato blocks to the grow will obtain to the right-click when placed?
Added lettuce and tomato seeds to obtain the place blocks but this game?
Added lettuce
Added tomato
Added sliced bread
Added toast name as "Bread" will work?
Fixed updates "patty_chesse" or "eggs_scrambled" rename was removed?, But could be was rename it "patty_cheese" or "egg_scrambled" to the texture fixed?
Minor fixes?

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