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[1.6.4][SMP][FORGE] Mad Science v1.00.165

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MadScienceMod's Avatar MadScienceMod
Level 43 : Master Crafter

What is Mad Science?

A modification for Minecraft created using Minecraft Forge and Universal Electricity. It adds machines, items, and mobs to create your own laboratory! Remember kids, science has no limits… and no bounds…

Our scientists have worked hard to bring you some of the finest equipment for genetic research Minecraft has to offer. These custom built machines fit into one of three separate categories. The categories represent the different stages of the game in which you will encounter them, and also will be expected to craft at that tier of the game.


Installation Instructions

Adding Mad Science to ’Feed the Beast’ mod-pack.
Adding Mad Science to ’Tekkit’ mod-pack.
Adding Forge to Unmodded Minecraft 1.6.4 on Windows.

Video Overview

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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.4

15 Update Logs

Version 1.00.165 : by MadScienceMod 06/01/2014 5:52:57 pmJun 1st, 2014

  • Data duplicator now requires a redstone signal to function. This prevents the idle sound from playing (which can be annoying) but also indicates the machine is drawing power.
  • Fixed bug with thermosonic bonder not being fully automatable. Items can now be inserted and extracted from all sides.
  • Fixed bug with Soniclocator not being able to locate OreDictionary blocks that used metadata.
  • Fixed type casting bug in Magazine Loader breakBlock() method. Checks instanceof MagazineLoader before attempting to act on it.
  • Fixed NPE bug in clay furnace when checking if furnace was in smoldering state on idDropped().
  • Fixed bug with possible itemstack attempting to return -1 when VoxBox was broken by entity that was not a player.
  • Fixed NPE with Cryotube not checking if output slot was null properly.
  • Fixed bug with AbominationEggBlock calling hasTileEntity(0) on block creation.
  • Added Laboratory Coat and Leggings.
  • Added goggles - "They do nothing!"

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01/13/2016 5:16 am
Level 40 : Master Nerd
animal13's Avatar
Very cool mod! I love it! I've always wanted an element of mad science in Minecraft. Love those hybrids and getting energy from villagers' memories. It's time to take over the world :-)))
09/29/2014 11:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
novicegamer1997's Avatar
i have got a report of id conflict while trying to luanch minecraft here is the log
501: needleSanitizer from madscience - Crystal Ore from AdventureTime
502: computerMainframe from madscience - Steel Ore from AdventureTime
503: genomeSequencer from madscience - Demon Ore from AdventureTime
504: cryoFreezer from madscience - Crystal Block from AdventureTime
505: genomeIncubator from madscience - Candy Ore from AdventureTime
Suggested Ranges: 2268-2697 (430 IDs), 3584-3971 (388 IDs), 758-1099 (342 IDs)
thank you in advance
06/16/2014 3:55 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
ThtGuyInUrClass's Avatar
I did the troubleshooting with the ReflectiveOperationException and updated to Java 7, but I still get the same crash. Any idea why?
06/11/2014 3:21 pm
Level 20 : Expert Robot
Sackbot's Avatar
i see your trying to add 3D models to the shots.
please don't :( i like the texture
06/20/2014 10:26 pm
Level 43 : Master Crafter
MadScienceMod's Avatar
What do you mean 3d models to shots? Almost all the blocks and items in the mod are models.
06/28/2014 8:12 pm
Level 20 : Expert Robot
Sackbot's Avatar
eh. must be a glitch. the chicken DNA in a shot has a 3D model.
06/10/2014 7:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
xminer123x's Avatar
Crashes minecraft on start Plz Help
Error Here
06/07/2014 11:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
coolguy01's Avatar
hmm.....interesting mod i see
06/10/2014 6:32 pm
Level 43 : Master Crafter
MadScienceMod's Avatar
Thank you very much!
06/02/2014 6:26 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Paladin
CommanderNeville's Avatar
Alas, you cloned Dolly the sheep!