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Mana metal mod - An ultimate Minecraft RPG mod

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needMUYA1.7.10 & Forge 1614
you can download Muya in here

Mana metal mod - An ultimate Minecraft RPG mod Minecraft Mod

Officital Discord:

Some of features are listed here. Others leave you to discover!
  • Lots of different careers and production professions. Getting stronger during adventure!
  • RPG style equipment, smelting and production system to make you own style!
  • Hundreds of new mobs and bosses. Defeat them to make you stronger!
  • New ruins and dimensions. Explore and loot them all!
  • Lots of new ores in overworld, nether, the end and so on!
  • Fishing system. Catch the legend fish and treasure!
  • Lots of new foods, desserts and kitchenware. Make various culinary delights. Don't miss if you are a foodie!
  • Have various and beautiful furniture, decorations and building block. Also have chisel tool for builder!
  • Unique dungeon system. Challenge 10+ different types of dungeon to get various loot.
  • Armor set effect. Armor is not only a type of defensive equipment. Choose a proper set effect for your character!
  • Weapon & armor forging system. Create and refine for your powerful weapon!
  • Powerful mining/harvesting tools for quickly getting resources!
  • Battle card system. Hundreds of cards to be collected!
  • NPC village. Chatting, trading and playing card with NPC!
  • BINGO! Support items from other mods. Find them and get reward!
  • 30+ new biomes for colorful world generation!
  • Accessory system. Provide 20+ types of accessory for your character!
  • Fashion system. Change your look by various equipment and medals!
  • Farming system. 30+ crops, fruit trees and mushroom for farming. Leveling up your farming skill to unlock more advanced crops!
  • Complete NEI integrations. Almost every recipes from ManaMetal can be found via NEI.
  • Crystal system. Help you to build automation system, resource collection, defence system and special effects!
  • Energy system. Various mana energy to let your device work. Can also convert to RF energy!
  • Survival system. Include food decaying, cave collapsing, and wound. Make surviving more challenging!
  • HUDGUI system. Completely rewrite health, boss bar and target information display.
  • Old version with new experience! Backport new version MC features into 1.7.10!

Craft tutorial book

Main UI









ManaMeta also has complete mod compatibility with these mods:

-Thaumcraft: Two research pages for new wand caps, focuses, as well as powerful Misriru armor.
-Botania: Ultimate terra steel and gaia spirit ingot to make new armor. More generating flowers for efficient mana production.
-Tinkers Construct: Most materials are natively supported to make tinkers' tools.
-Twilight Forest: Most bosses have been enhanced or tweaked. New treasure and weapons to loot.
-TofuCraft: Super metal tofu for making advanced armor and tools.
-Immersive Engineering: Some materials can be made into drill for faster mining speed and larger mining area. New material for making armor and tools. More mineral deposits for excavator.
-SlashBlade: Some materials can be made into new slash blade.
-The Aether: More loot and powerful armor in boss rewards. New set effect for armor.
-ProjectE: Some items can be converted via EMC system.
-Mo'Creatures: New set effect for native armor. New items for animal protection.
-Ex Nihilo: Some ores from ManaMetal can be obtain via sieve.
-Foods from other mods, such as LotsOfFood, Pam's HarvestCraft, AppleMilkTea2, FoodCraft, FoodExpansion..., have been integrated into cooking and diet system.
-OreDictionary: Most recipes are ore-dictionary-supported. Use dictionary converting table to help you utilize ores from other mods.









In the following paragraph, “M3” will represent “manametalmod” and “muya”, “official” will represent the “manametalmod official production team”, and “player” will represent any user who is not “manametalmod official production team”.

1. Players can publish the modpack including M3 on the internet for people to download and use.
2. Players are not allowed to make any modification to M3 include but not limited to decompile and modified, release M3 modified version or translated version.
3. Players can adjust behavior of M3 without directly modifying the M3 itself (players can use the mod to modify and change the crafting table of M3 or make M3-related MOD, but it is still prohibited to release the modified version of M3)
4. When the player submits the translated text to the official, it means that you agree to unconditionally provide the official right to use and modify the translated text.

1. Players can set up a mod server including M3, change the server setting and its corresponding modpack without violating the terms of the mod.
2. The server is forbidden to recycle the limited items that are officially sent to the player. The limited items refer to items such as medals, exclusive relics or decorations that are exclusive to a specific player, and it cannot be obtained without playing with a specific player in survival mode unless obtaining these item via mods, command and creation mode.
2-2. Players are forbidden to directly or indirectly sell the limited items. The definition of sales includes the limited items sold directly in currency, or the virtual currency is sold in currency and allowed to be used by the player. Currency is defined as any legal tender with real value, such as US dollars, Euros, Japanese yen, New Taiwan dollars, etc. Virtual currency is currency that has no recognized value in reality, such as currency in economic plug-ins, virtual gold coins earned by players in games, and so on.
3. Players are prohibited from claiming to be any official person, partner, official agent or official server of M3 in the private server created by them without the official known, consent or designation.
3-1. If players want to cooperate with M3, agency, collaboration, they can go to the official channel to contact the official staff for the next step of negotiation and discussion.

1. Without informing any players, the official reserves the right to modify, supplement, remove, etc.
2. When the player downloads, plays, or uses this mod, it means that the player agrees to the contents of all the above terms and agrees that they will indeed abide by it.
3. If the player does not agree to the above terms, please immediately remove M3 mod.
4. This English version of the Terms and Conditions and any foreign language translation, the Traditional Chinese version shall prevail.

Creditmk456766, 草莓龍(strawberry dragon)
Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

33 Update Logs

7.1.0 : by mk456766 12/31/2023 2:51:48 amDec 31st, 2023


















  • 加倍考古學燈籠的最大耐久度


  • 新增魔法金屬跨年煙火,使用後可施放煙火,同時獲得一定量的職業經驗值
  • 施放魔法金屬跨年煙火時,所有玩家都會看到祝福訊息
  • 新增魔法金屬跨年獎勵箱,包含各種豪華獎品
  • 12/31與1/1登入遊戲時,系統會在發送每日禮包的同時另外發送魔法金屬跨年獎勵箱與魔法金屬跨年煙火


  • 殭屍之腦現在不會腐爛
  • 增強秘術時代的連動飾品
  • 變更米斯里魯防具的材質
  • 變更米斯里魯工具與武器的合成方式,現在需要鍛造合成
  • 修正秘術連動怪物與魔王屬性錯誤問題
  • 修正秘術連動萬靈藥不給予無敵效果問題
  • 變更飾品的要素檢測方法,現在會根據飾品上擁有的效果獲得不同的要素
  • 新增秘術連動專屬屬性道具-緋紅手記、污染黏漿蛋糕、光明會傳記-序章
  • 新增秘術研究與注魔配方,可製作緋紅手記與污染黏漿蛋糕
  • 詳細的製作方法與配方可以參考魔導手冊

  • 增加彈幕法杖與王之寶鑰的攻擊力傷害
  • 新增材料桂冠金魚、黃金龍石、幻彩星粉、粉彩瑪那鑽石、真實界線蓋亞之魂、白金夢之木棍
  • 新增植魔連動專屬屬性道具-雙倍平衡魔力餅乾、蓋亞源能結晶、萬花齊放
  • 蓋亞之魂與超泰拉鋼工具武器組現在需要使用鍛造合成
  • 完成植物魔法辭典的魔法金屬連動辭典頁面
  • 新增條目魔法金屬相關,優先度為1
  • 新增頁面黃金龍石、白金夢之木棍、粉彩瑪那鑽石、幻彩星粉、真實界線蓋亞之魂、白金夢之木棍、超泰拉鋼錠、真蓋亞之魂錠、超泰拉鋼裝備、虛空能量花、金屬貪食者、珠寶紫薔薇、魔法能量花、珠寶擅變、魔法鋼、桂冠金魚、強化瑪那池、蓋亞源能結晶、雙倍平衡魔力餅乾、萬花齊放辭典頁面
  • 變更魔法能量花與虛空能量花的材質
  • 增加超泰拉鋼武器與蓋亞之魂武器的傷害
  • 詳細的製作方法與配方可以參考植物魔法辭典

  • 新增配方,地獄地下城之鑰可以使用困難地下城之鑰來合成
  • 新增配方,四個相同的盔甲護石可以與反物質、寶石粉合成並還原為未鑑定護石
  • 新增創造工具維度調查工具,可以調查目前維度的資訊
  • 新增龍的對話
  • 更新白金、季贊助、自定義勳章

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