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Nikkos__- avatar Nikkos__-
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
With this mod you can get the blood from entities to craft powerful tools and armour
I reccomend using the mod for forge 1.16.5 JEI For all the craftings https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jei/files/3401260

You can download the mod here too! www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/shardmod

the first thing you will need to do to advance in the mod is craft a needle using 1 of iron and 2 of glass diagonally.

With the needle you can get solidified blood from all living entities, the entity will give you 1 piece of blood for each hit you give to the entity with this piece of blood you can create blood crystals by combining 2 pieces of empty crystals and place them as a shulker box in the crafting table
while in the middle between the 2 Blood Crystals there must be solidified blood, so as to obtain 1 crystal full of blood.
and thanks to this item you can create weapons more powerful than netherite.

I still recommend using at least 1 mod that you need to be able to see the crafting of all items / blocks
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CreditMade By Nikkos
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 08/11/2021 8:20:35 amAug 11th

-added SpaceSlateOres DiamondOre/EmeraldOre/IronOre/GoldOre/RedstoneOre/LapisOre/SulfurOre
-Changed Texture = /SpaceSLate/SpaceSlateStairs/SpaceSlateSlab
-added Sulfur
-added sulfur Block
-added Torches from sulfur
-Added Structure = IllagerBastion
-Added CherryJam /Recipe/
-Added CheryDoughnut
-Changed StrawBerryJamRecipe
-Changed shardmod:biomes/DeadLand/ (Added More Trees and abandoned Houses)
-Added Opal Items /Sword/Pickaxe/axe/shovel/hoe
-added Cherry trees /sapling/fence/trapdoor/planks/stairs/slabs
-changed Spawnrate CherryFlowerBush = 1/256 Chunks
-Added advancement= |TheBeginning| (Get 1 pice of blood in your inventory)
-Added SpaceSlate (Variants Too stairs/slabs) (Stone/decorationBlock) spawn under height:30
-Added SpaceSlateBricks (Variants Too) SpaceSlateBricksSlab/SpaceSlateBricksStairs/SpaceSlateBricksFence/SpaceSlateBricksWalls
-Added SpaceCrysals Just Decoration for now but if rightClicked / Destroyed with Iron Pick or higher drops SpaceCrystal
-Added SpaceCrystal
-Added Space Essence (Crafting too)

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08/01/2021 1:03 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Nikkos__- avatar
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