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Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter


For 1.18.2

Hello all, I'm UndeadGmrDad and this is my mod.

In WhitchCraft you become a Spell-slinging Wizard.

Master your elemental spells.

Unlock 10 Professions that allow you to craft new items, and vanilla items that are hard to obtain.

Finish Quests to further your magical powers as a wizard.

Fight Bosses for loot and XP.

What's New!


A new block called "Blacksmiths Forge" This block can smelt entire Stacks at once! But uses 16 coal every smelt. All Fuel sources can be used, including a bucket of lava.

The temperature needs to be maintained in the Blacksmiths Forge to complete its process. This can be done with either Fire Crystals or by Placing the new "Bellow" block beside it and Right-Clicking the Bellow continuously.

WhitchCraft Minecraft ModWhitchCraft Minecraft Mod

The new "Elemental Imbuer"!

The Elemental Imbuer imbues uncharged crystals with Elemental energy. Open the GUI, click which element you want to imbue the crystal with and the recipe will pop up.

WhitchCraft Minecraft Mod

2 New Ores! Uncharged Crystal Ore and Sarium Ore.

RareMetal has had its name changed to Sarium, and can now be mined instead of found only in Crypt Chests.

Uncharged Crystal Ore requires an Iron Pickaxe at minimum and Sarium Ore Requires a Diamond Pickaxe.

The Engineer Workbench has been REWORKED to Show Recipes at the click of a button, and now has a process time.

The Merchant Stall has also been REWORKED, Now it contains 12 Item slots, and items placed in the inventory will slowly be sold for CS to the Mage Market(Coming soon).

All other fixes and additions will be listed in the Changelog.

In WhitchCraft you can cast spells from your fingers, rather than from wands or other items. Have you ever been mining and a zombie sneaks up on you, you need to fiddle around and equip your sword. Not in WhitchCraft. Turn around and Blast him with a fireball!

Mage Types

There are 4 Elements to choose from. Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Each with its own strengths. Each Element has 5 Upgradable spells to master and bring your enemies to their knees.

Air Mages use an AirBolt to push back enemies and deal damage. A buff that makes you faster, and jump higher and gives haste. Air Burst pushes all mobs away and launches you into the air, also refreshing the cooldown of AirBolt over and over, allowing you to cast AirBolt continuously while slowfalling to the ground. SonicBoom Blasts you forward a good distance, while doing damage to any mob you pass through. Tornado is the Ultimate ability of the Air mage, pulling mobs towards you and launching them into the air for a period of time, doing good damage while they are suspended in your vortex.

Fire Mages throw fireballs that set mobs on fire. A buff that gives them fire resistance, speed, and resistance. FireWave erupts the area around you in flames, burning and doing damage to mobs around you. FireBlast Explodes in an area you are looking, dealing instant damage and setting all mobs on fire. MeteorStorm rains flaming meteors from the sky all around you, causing fiery explosions and dealing great damage.

Earth Mages must be on the ground to cast their spells. They pull a block from the ground and throw it where your aiming, destroying other blocks it hits. The buff gives you strength, resistance, and absorption. They can construct a Wall in front of them, blocking enemies from attacking them. They can leap into the air, destroying the earth below them from the force of the leap, only to land and cause great damage and destruction to both mobs and blocks. Their Ultimate is Earthquake, which causes the earth to break below your feet, causing lots of damage to all enemies touching the ground, while also giving them slowness and nausea to mimic shaking. *Do not cast these spells inside your base!*

Water Mages throw a stream of water to damage foes. Their buff gives them water breathing and night vision (dolphins grace at higher level). WaterWave creates water droplets all around you that damage mobs near you, after which the droplets launch in the direction you are looking. They also change direction if you look a different direction! Undertoe will create a pool of water under the mob struck and pull them under continuously to drown them, after some time, the hole is filled back in with sand. Their Ultimate is called Dehydrate. All spells cast apply a "wet" effect on the mob hit, this effect stacks up to 3 times and can be seen on the mob by dripping water. Dehydrate does instant damage to the mob depending on how many stacks of "wet" the mob has, this can effect any mob effected by "wet" around you.

When you finish the first quest, you will be prompted to choose 1 Element. This is a permanent decision. Progressing through the quests, after this element is fully mastered, you may choose a second element. After mastering the second element you will be able to move onto Specialty Mage classes.

Currently only the Necromancer specialty Class exsists.

Necromancers must finish quests to unlock all their spells. The first spell is called Leach, it fires a projectile that damages enemies and heals you. If you run out of mana, leach will use your HP instead, this CAN kill you. Necromancers buff gives you instant health, health boost, and absorption, but also gives you wither. Necromancers 3rd spell is Summon Minion, this summons a small skeleton minion that will fight for you. To start, you may only have 3 Skeleton minions summoned at once, but quests can increase this number INFINITITLY. His 4th spell Buffs all his minions making them stronger and faster for some time, and fully heals their HP. His Ultimate is called Sacrifice, this sacrifices all his skeleton minions and if you had the max number summoned, summons a Demon that fights for you for a period of time. If you didn't have the max number of skeletons summoned, you receive a Big regeneration and strength buff, while also giving wither to all mobs around you.
The skeletons and demon gain XP when they kill an enemy. After they gain enough XP, they will level up, gaining new attributes, such as more armour, more damage, more health, and more movement speed.


Many new Workstations for each Profession

There are 10 professions in WhitchCraft. The Alchemist, Apothecary, Blacksmith, Clothier, Enchanter, Engineer, Herbalist, Merchant, Scholar, and Treasure Hunter.

Alchemists use an Alchemist Bench to change items into other items. They require "Alchemical Leftovers" to proceed with any craft.

Apothecaries use an Apothecary Table to brew potions. They require a Beaker to perform all crafts. They can brew almost all vanilla potions at their stronger level without needing to fill water bottles and go through the tedious steps to make awkward potions and add glowstone and such. They can also craft Mana Potions and Cooldown Potions.

Blacksmiths use a Blacksmith's Anvil and a Blacksmith Hammer to repair any tool or weapon, as well as other classes tools required for crafting. They can also craft Rare Metal tools from Rare Metal ingots. Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Shears. These tools all gain XP while using them and Level up granting them enchantments. A max level Raremetal Sword is unbreakable, has sweeping edge 3, Looting 3, and even causes Wither.

Clothiers use a Clothier Station with Clean Cloth and Elemental Crystals to craft Mage Clothes, which are slightly better than Netherite and Highly enchantable. They can also craft Small Satchels that hold 10 Item Stacks. They can also craft Armour Repair kits that fully repair all worn Armour.

Enchanters use a Enchanter Bench and a Book of Secrets to choose ANY enchant they want in the game at any level they choose! They can enchant any enchantable item other than RareMetal tools. They can also disenchant tools and armour into Enchanted books.

Engineers use an Engineers Workbench to craft all the other workbenches for all the other professions. After a certain quest is finished, they can also craft the requirements for and the Base-in-a-Bottle which spawns a simple base anywhere the bottle is thrown.

A Herbalist uses a Herbalist Station and a Pestle and Mortar to grind down plants found all over the world into other items. Mana grass into Ground Mana Grass required for Mana Potions, and certain plants will give you resources like redstone.

A Merchant can use the Merchant Stall to sell items for CS(crystal shards). CS is the currency of WhitchCraft. This Class is automatically unlocked when you join the world.

A Scholar uses a Scholar Shelf and Ancient Parchment to craft Scrolls with many different effects. One scroll even allows you to have creative flight for 20 seconds, another will summon a iron golem to save you. There are many others.

Finally a Treasure Hunter is the only profession that can loot Crypts found all around the world. Crypts hold all the items you need for each profession, as well as resources and CS. Items found in the Crypts are needed for crafting and to complete Quests. There are 3 different Crypts, Basic, Intermediate, and Rare. Rare Crypts award the most loot and a little surprise inside the structure. Crypts also can award Mage XP if you prefer that over items.

In the Welcome Book, there is information on the game, as well as Keybinds. If you haven't updated to V1.2.0+ On the last page there is a button "Enable Singleplayer" this must be pressed in order to play singleplayer. If not, you will not be able to obtain all the professions, and thus cannot finish all the quests. There is also a Reset Character button, if you press this you must click the Enable Singleplayer button after.

Skills and XP

Every mob drops Mage XP orbs. Gaining enough Mage XP will grant you a Mage Level. Each Mage Level will give you either Skillpoints, or SpellPoints. SpellPoints are used to unlock your next spell in your element. Skillpoints are used for upgrading your passive stats in the Stats GUI. There is Mana Regen, Mana Level, Health Level, Health Regen, XP Multiplier, and Magic Dmg. Each is pretty self explanatory. I suggest upgrading Mana Level and Regen first, for you need more mana to cast higher level spells.


Mage College with Quest NPCs

So far there are 19 Quests to complete, with quite a few advancements. Completing Quests is the main goal of WhitchCraft. They unlock many new features and abilities. Not to mention allow you to become more powerful. Currently if you finish the Necromage quests, you have beat the mod. But it won't be that easy. I'm sure it would take you a long time to aquire 64 Ender Eyes!


Flesh Golem

Currently there is only 1 boss mob. The Flesh Golem. He is tough, and does a lot of damage. He has 2 phases. You will fight him in the Necromage Questline. I'm not an artist XD

I am looking for feedback, let me know how you like WhitchCraft. We will go from there.

https://ko-fi.com/undeadgmrdad Donations appreciated.

Progress25% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

3 Update Logs

Changelog 1.2.0 : by UndeadGmrDad 10/30/2022 5:46:46 pmOct 30th

Version 1.2.0

Fixed Firefox bounding box and Movements
Added Item tags to Rare metal Shears, Mana seeds, Sarium Ingots, and Sarium Ore
Fixed Bucket Of Time item having 2 different itemtypes
Added Blacksmiths Forge block
Added Bellow block
Changed Rare Metals name to Sarium
Added Ore Generation for Raw Sarium
Added Uncharged Crystals
Added Ore Generation for Uncharged Crystals
Added Elemental Imbuer Block
Removed Sarium Ingots from crypt loottables and added Raw Sarium to loottable
Lowered amount of loot received from Crypts
Added Uncharged Crystals to Crypt loottables
Lowered chance of getting Profession Tools from Crypts
Lowered chance of getting Elemental Crystals from Crypts
Added sound effect to Necromancer spells: Leach, Summon Minion and Sacrifice
Reworked Engineer's Workbench: Changed GUI, Added process times
Added Crafting Recipes for: Blacksmiths Forge, Bellow, and Elemental Imbuer
Removed River Biome from Otherlands
Reworked Merchant Stall: Changed GUI, Now singleplayer friendly
Changed Enablesingleplayer Button to Automatically enable when first join world
Nerfed Mage Clothes, now only slightly better than Netherite

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10/31/2022 12:21 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
UndeadGmrDad avatar
I released Version 1.2.0! Please update to the newest version. This update would require you to start a new world for new ore generation and other game configurations. Enjoy! Leave me any feedback and report any bugs. I didn't find any myself.
10/18/2022 10:01 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
UndeadGmrDad avatar
As of today I have reached 100 downloads across all websites I posted to. For that, I will be starting more work on WhitchCraft this week. I hope you guys enjoy my upcoming content!
10/10/2022 2:30 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
UndeadGmrDad avatar
Please Update to Version 1.1.1 for very important bugfixes. Sorry to anyone that reached the Necromancy Quests and it ruined their Spell selector! Its fixed now. Check the Changelog
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