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[1.12] [Adventure Craft] Jojo's Incredible Adventure

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Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
[1.12] [Adventure Craft] Jojo's Incredible Adventure Minecraft Map Jojo's Incredible Adventure [1.12] [Adventure Craft] Jojo's Incredible Adventure Minecraft Map

V 0.3.5

[1.12] [Adventure Craft] Jojo's Incredible Adventure Minecraft Map What's Jojo's Incredible Adventure ?

Jojo's Incredible Adventure is not a regular map. It would actually be more correct to qualify it as a game, wether than as a map. It has musics, scripts, cutscenes, main quests, secondary quests, custom mobs, dungeons with their own atmosphere, evolving places, dynamics dialogues, secrets, a currency system, special objects, etc...

It is very much a Zelda-like game, with the same mecanisms, and the same sense of progression, even though it is not the same world at all :D

Jojo starts its quest in a small village. He will then have to travel around different cities, dungeons, talk to all sorts of (stupid) people, solve all sorts of enigmas, in order to elucidate a big conspiracy that leads to the Great Emperor...

Why does this mysterious stranger gives orders to Jojo?
What secret does he hope to find?
What's behind Jojo's past?
And why is everyone so rude with Jojo?

You'll discover all of this, and far more if you play Jojo's Incredible Adventure !

Adventure Craft Installing

For those who don't already know Adventure Craft, here are a few infos :
You have to download it if you want to play this map, because it allows a lot of things that vanilla minecraft doesn't allow, like music, scripts,etc...
It is a stand alone mod, which means it will not affect your minecraft files, nore anything minecraft related. You can just install it, and it will run by itself.

Now, how to install it, step by step ? (it's REALLY simple)

Download Adventure Craft
Right here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/gddxkkm1ahc8pp8/AdventureCraft.zip
Extract the AdventureCraft folder from the zip file
Open the AdventureCraft file and click on Start.bat (dont use the .exe, it doesn't work)

Here you go ! You can finally play my map B)

Map Installing
Once you installed Adventure Craft, dowload the map, unzip it, then copy it in the map directory of your Adventure Craft file.
Now you just have to open Adventure Craft, click on New Save, open my map, and you're good to go !

Version 0.3.5
Duration : 6 hours or so.

Content : This version features one village, one big city, and two main dungeons.

You will find many scripts, breakable pots, cutable grass, money system, lots of secret area and hiden chests. In brief, a whole world to explore. My advice to you is to take your time and not to rush the main quest.

Next Version

The 0.4 version is on its way ! If you want to see my progress on this massive update, go to this thread :

Progress50% complete

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03/25/2019 3:40 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
TheSuperSaiyan0101's Avatar
Jojos Bizzare Adventure reference ?
03/10/2020 9:15 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Waffle
Oaksley's Avatar
by the desc it seems like it isnt
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