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1 Block World (Empty Void World)

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Completely Empty World

This world is completely empty, and will not generate any new terrain, or generate structures such as villages.

Universal .zip file extension

No need to install a 3rd party file explorer, or archive program, because the file named 'world' is contained within a .zip file which can be opened and the world file dropped in to any folder.

No pre-existing player data

All remnants of the playerdata folder have been completely wiped, so you can play with whoever you want, on whatever you want, starting with a clean, fresh, slate.

Additional Information

Teleport to center location of world /tp @p 0 1 0

Ideal for servers, where you only want necessary terrain, so the world doesn't take up as much space, and CPU usage.

There is a bedrock block at the center of the world, which has the spawn point set at it.

How to create your own void world

Step 1: Go in to your single player worlds list
Step 2: Click on 'Create New World'
Step 3: Set the 'World Name' to whatever name you want, and set the 'Game Mode' to 'Creative'
Step 4: Click on 'More World Options...'
Step 5: Set 'Generate Structures' to 'OFF', and set 'Allow Cheats' to 'ON'
Step 6: Set 'World Type' to 'Superflat'
Step 7: Click 'Customize' under 'Superflat', and then click 'Presets'
Step 8: Set 'minecraft:bedrock,2*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass_block;minecraft:plains;village' to 'minecraft:air'
Step 9: Click 'Use Preset', and then click 'Done'
Step 10: Click 'Create New World'
Step 11: Once it in world, start flying immediately and do the command /tp 0 1 0
Step 12: Do the command /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ bedrock
Step 13: Now, that you are standing on the bedrock block, do /setworldspawn

You have now created your own void world!
Progress100% complete

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