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The Aftermath - Adventure Map

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Hey there Reader,

Big adventure map thingy, multiple cities and dungeons and stuff...

I've always wanted to make a big adventure/roleplay map in minecraft since i was 12 years old. And i did make a few at that time... But now i'm 21 Years and i know a lot more about mods, commands and building. So there is one big project i've been working on since 2015. It's this map. Have a look at the screenshots and please consider commenting.

ATM: This Project consits of a bunch of screenshots of this one map.
The future: adding more screenshots. I want to share stories and lore about these places i made in this one map.


I cannot Terraform so i download maps with nice looking terrain and use them, so i don't have to use vanilla minecraft terrain.
Those Maps are:

Plains of Potential by Springstrof
[/url]Some basic Plains with a desert and a snowy mountain range

Head into the Clouds Contest Map
[/url]Nice looking floating islands from the year 2014

Texture Packs:

Custom Sky: Halcyon Days
New Minecraft Textures
Progress5% complete

1 Update Logs

Dungeon 3 complete! : by FrouFry 06/09/2019 2:37:13 pmJun 9th, 2019

I finished the third dungeon! still a very long way to go...

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09/20/2018 7:01 pm
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