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Abandoned (Multiplayer) (RELEASE SOON) (NEW UPDATE)

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DumDum2204 avatar DumDum2204
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
This is a Run and Hide map. Story:
You are just a young boy whose birthday is approaching the next day. You have to run to the store and gather supplies as your family is a workaholic who can not keep a stable income as inflation increases. Your parents decide to bring you to a place far from town. They bring you in and come back out alone. Run away from dangerous places but hide from what you can't run from. Survive until the doors open. Sleep is not an option when danger is all around. The thought of your parents leaving is enough to make you suffer. Can you come out alive or will you be a memory?

Map updates will be released into different parts so part 1 will not have as much but just take it as a quick Lil teaser.

BTW this is playable for single-player like the text will be for it but some things might be too hard in single-player and if so I will just add a separate mode for single-player. I would implement rn but still have a lot of work to do on the map.

(UPDATE 1) Hello. its been a while since the last update but I'm officially saying that part 1 of the map will be out before next year. This is all for this update goodbye for now.

(UPDATE 2) So it has been a while since the last update since we have been working on the map for most of our free time and we are getting some extremely good progress. We have basically finished most of the map but my friend lost motivation. He was the main builder of the map and I am only the coder so I am doing my best to work on the map for the first release. THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO IS BEING PATIENT.

Full Release Coming out March 2023
CreditBombafire (Builder)
Progress5% complete

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