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Adventure Time Tree Fort

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Aris5xg avatar Aris5xg
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What time is it?

Hi :) I'm Ali and this is my project.
If you haven't guessed already, I'm a big Adventure Time fan, and some time ago I decided to build Finn and Jake's Tree Fort in Minecraft, however I wasn't content with the roof of the wooden house at the bottom of the tree, because there wasn't any blue wood, so I used prismarine brick and it was ugly >.> but thanks to the new version, we have blue wood and I'm so happy with how it looks :D

I still have a lot of plans for this tree house. The interior isn't finished, I have the gnome underground planed (that one beneath the well, from episode "Power Animal"), I still wanna add more references from the show and I wanna add the whole tree wall system that we see Jake visit in episode "Shh!" :)

I hope you enjoy this build and I'm open to any suggestions, on what to add or what I should change. Let's brainstorm!

Pssst... When I build I stream here:
sometimes in Polish, some other times in English. I can't make up my mind ^^' It'd be cool if you came and said hi :)

I used this art by Max Degtyarev as a reference for the build
The map's version is 1.16.4
I constructed it with default resourcepack, I have no idea how it looks with faithful or some other pack, but I'm guessing it's not pretty.

You don't need any mods or anything

You should spawn next to the Tree Fort, but in case you don't:
X: 158.723
Y: 93.50000
Z: 10.423

Progress70% complete
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