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Alangesia [Sky Limit Contest]

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~ Alangesia ~

~ The capitol of Heaven ~

~ Sky Limit Project Contest ~

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After winning alot of money on the casino, steve had gotten alot of money.
And he could do things he've always wanted to do, and he never had to worry about money again.
So he started as an author, and wrote books from his imagination.
Steve was a catholic(and a bit alcoholic too) so he fantasized about Heaven.
He loved to play diablo 3 so he started combining these two factors together;
Heaven and Hell, and that was his new book.
Unfortunately the book costs about 10000k $, so i cant buy one!
But I got a small summary of the story in the interview with him,
and here it is:

You might wonder why its a huge archangel statue in the front of the city.
Abaddon is he's name, and was once living and not a statue.
When the main city of Heaven was under attack by demons and fallen angels,
and wanted to claim the rulership of Alangesia, They fought a tremendous battle which took months,
and the results was terrible. It resulted in mass destruction of the city,
but the light was stronger than the darkness, so when Satans army was retreating,
God himself froze the fallen angel of destruction into stone.

The city was rebuilt, and the petrified body of Abaddon was used as a symbol of peace.


This Heaven capitol was planned along time ago, from my scetchbook. I was long thinking, if I was gonna build this for the sky limit contest or not. But i finally decided to go for it! Since my plans was needed more space than the Island, I had to expand the island quite much, and I tought I couldn't make it in 3-4 weeks. But I started building hours and hours every day, and the result was great. Then I realized that I had more than enough time to do this, but I didnt slow down, I still worked on it with the same pace.

U might wonder why the towers doesnt have a staircase? Well isn't that obvious? It's a heaven city, angels have wings, and they don't have to walk like we do. And why does the Abaddon statue have the holy grail in his hands?

He stole it before he was petrified, and they didnt want to break the statue to just take the grail. Much of the things i made is really just details/art, and some of it has no point, but are just filling the space. The Vortex fields u see in the air, is a shield generator to protect the city.

I used very much time, focusing on details to the consept, and how to add different stuff all around the island to fill the empty space up. I'm proud of myself doing this on sucha short time, and still got the results good! I hope im gonna have a great time playing with my friends around this city, making secret rooms n stuff.

I had alot of fun making this project! And I really hope i can give inspiration to creative beginners!

Please do not use this on a public server without my permission!

You are allowed to film it, if u give me credits!

WorldEdit, VoxelSniper,
Texturepack: Creative-Node Texture Pack (Download)


Thanks for the great screenshots!<3

Thanks to you who helped me! Its good having you guys!<3

Heroes of Galderon
Thank you for using your server!
And thanks for playing RPG there!<3
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Notux 04/15/2013 1:53:26 amApr 15th, 2013

some textures changed because of texturepack update.
Issue with last update, download and video didnt update.
removed glowstones to prevent the ice spheres in the tower from melting.

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05/14/2019 9:14 am
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pmcview3D pleaseee
Mine Maus Craft
03/08/2015 4:30 am
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So beautiful :-)
07/11/2014 7:00 pm
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h-o-ow??????????? do you build so BEAST
02/04/2014 8:48 pm
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That sexy angel looks like the one you created on creationbay.
10/22/2013 7:28 am
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May I please have your permission?
10/06/2013 11:08 pm
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The quality of your posts tux is amazing, I consider you to have one of the best profiles on PMC... keep it up!
09/29/2013 8:04 pm
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Hi can I use this on my server? I will give credit to you???
09/29/2013 7:27 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
SmiteMC_Realm's Avatar
How did u do the angle thing??? Pls tell me
11/03/2013 10:42 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
WRN's Avatar
What do you mean how do you do the angle thing.. by angle i assume you mean angel, and its quite simple really.. he arranged blocks.. in the shape of.. an angel.
08/25/2013 9:24 pm
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600th diamond!

- The HammerCraft Team
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