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Arget Isles - HollowWorld

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avatar Lady Alec
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter

The Arget Isles is an ongoing cooperative project that I and fellow HollowWorld player Immerael both built. It started out as a whim of my own with the central tower frame and I then roped Immerael into assisting me and turning into a massive city. Heavily influenced by a combination of an old HW build originally and some outside influences. It's goal is to tie in a rich history of past elven lore to our own new culture and lore. The city will be continuously worked on as it spreads to the surrounding Isles. However the main isle is completed and shouldn't see any more major design changes. It is fully ready to role-play in. The Isle is exclusive to the Silver Elven race of HollowWorld and is proclaimed their new home city. All are welcome to visit though.

The Arget Isles was built using a custom texture pack.

"We had heard the call. We had returned home, and the Silver Elves were rebuilding. We had a home. Then the undead came from the South.

We prepared, and waited for them to come, sure the undead would break upon the Kingdoms of the South. They did not. They came in never ending hordes.

Hope was quickly fading.

Then far to the east came word of a new land. A new place to live that was not yet infested with undead. With the hope these new lands would prove a safe haven they fled east, as far east as they could possibly go, in case the undead followed them.

They didn’t and despite losing our home, we will not break. The Silver Elves have endured far worse than this, and we will never again submit.

We will rebuild."


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Progress100% complete

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