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Bedwars Under Water

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Gottessia's Avatar Gottessia
Level 51 : Grandmaster Chef
We are not used to Bedwars, but this is our first Bedwars Map. We hope you like it!

HQ 3D-Render


The map was built to work with a bedwars plugin. So be sure to use it.
The submarine down below is the players' spawn. This is the room, in which the players can pick teams and wait for the start of the game.
The four islands are the players' bases. Inside the sandcastle, there is a spawner, which is a placeholder for the bed and another room, in which you can place the villager to trade with. You can customize it (and the whole map) as you like. The Bronze Spawner is outside the sandcastle (terracota block).
Iron blocks (iron spawner) are placed on the big fish. You have to try to get there.
The main island in the middle is a big treasure chest, where you can find gold spawners (inside the chest). You can modify and place the spawners on whatever gold block you like)
Greetings and have fun!
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02/21/2020 10:20 am
Level 20 : Expert Miner
xVertrexDx's Avatar
First of all, thank you so much for this really impressive bedwars map! Wow! The visual is so epic!

Secondly, it's sad to see that no one even thanked you out of the 223 (as of the time of this comment) downloads that occurred. Sad to see that. :(
06/29/2022 8:19 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Chef
Gottessia's Avatar
Thank you! Even if it is 2 years since :D