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Black ops 2 Hijacked Team deathmatch! No mods.

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I was looking through PM but i sadly did not see any maps that included detailed weapons from Call of Duty, CS:GO, or even Halo. After a while I was sad, when I realized I could make my own map! The owner of this map is NiicKNumber1 and you should definitely check his other maps out. I am currently making a team death match, VANILLA, multiplayer map for you and your friends to play. There are two teams, USA and RUSSIA (Subject to change) and 3 classes per team. I originally made this map for me and my friends, however I decided that I wanted more people to enjoy my and NiicKNumber1's creations. Thank you for reading, and I will try not to keep you waiting :)
CreditNiicKNumber1 made the map, i made all the redstone components that make the map "call of duty" like. Check out the original map: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/hijacked-black-ops-2-remake-scaled-11-niicknumber1/
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06/20/2016 3:32 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
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I'm sorry, i accidentally disabled comments, but here they are now :)
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